kAY's U.S. english voiceovers

Under the name AmericanVoice.DK, Kay Xander Mellish has been a professional American voiceover in Denmark for more than 10 years. 

Kay specializes in females "business voice" - warm, friendly, but also professional and authoritative - and e-learning videos for some of Denmark's largest corporations.

A trained journalist, she often works with clients to help polish their scripts to create a fluid, natural-sounding English affect.

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Download Kay's sound samples.

GEORGIA's U.S. english & DANISH voiceovers

One of the voices behind the exploration and puzzle-style video game Lake Ridden, US teenager voiceover in Denmark Georgia has been working as a voiceover for more than five years. Her work includes V.O. tracks in both American English and Danish, and for clients ranging from local advertisers to the World Health Organization. 

She has her own home studio for audition tracks and can work at any professional studio in Copenhagen or Malmo. 

Hear Georgia's sound samples on Soundcloud

Download Georgia's sound samples.

A recent American English voiceover by Kay Xander Mellish.




















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