Voiceover prices in Denmark (And how much does a voiceover cost?)

Hiring a voiceover in Denmark costs more than buying a random voiceover over the internet, but the quality is also likely to be higher, and you can be in the studio while the voiceover is recorded, which means you are more likely to get precisely the effect you are looking for.

Furthermore, some locally-hired voiceovers will be willing to assist you with improving your text to make it more natural and “speakable.” Different types of voiceover projects have different price classes – a TV commercial costs much more than an internal corporate video – and there are also different types of voiceover artists.

The trained and experienced Danish voiceovers listed on Danishvoices.dk,  which is associated with the Dansk Skuspillerforbund, must be paid their overenskomst, a minimum of DK1500 for the first hour. As full-time actors, they also require an extra 12.5% vacation pay for every job. Non-Dansh voiceovers with no affiliation to the theater often price their services differently. 

While I work regularly as an premium English 'speakerstemme', I am a trained journalist and corporate communicator, not an actor.  As of 2013, I charge DK1950 for the first hour of a corporate or internal video, and put together packages for larger jobs.  Other foreign voiceovers set their own rates, and since many in Copenhagen are students looking for part-time work, their rates are flexible.

You can also book through an agency.  One agency I work for charges DK2850 for the first half-hour with one of their voice talents, and DK3750 for the first hour – but this includes the cost of the studio time.  Since renting a studio with an experienced engineer will cost you between DK700-DK1500 an hour, this price is not unreasonable.

The drawback: if you meet a voiceover through an agency, all future contact with the voiceover must take place through the agency.  You will be legally prevented from contacting the voiceover independently.

The absolute cheapest voiceovers can be found over the internet.  In a language with a lot of available voiceover talent, like Spanish or English, you can probably find someone to do a short text for DK750, with perhaps one revision if you are not happy.

You can do a simple Google search for online voiceovers in the language your are looking for, or try voices123.com or voices.com. 

But beware: these sites are a lot like the first round of a talent show.  There are a lot more people who think they are voice actors than actually are voice actors, and you will have to sort through a lot of them before you find the voice that is right for you.