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When you're selling a product outside of Denmark, you spend money on business travel, on market research, on sales materials. Why not spend just a little bit more to get the English strategy right?

English is a tricky language, full of subtle differences in spelling, grammar and tone. Even non-native speakers who have spoken excellent English for years can have trouble writing English that sounds natural and confident. And if the audience for a product includes native English speakers, you need to communicate with them on their level.

KXM Group is Kay Xander Mellish, a professional English communicator for more than 20 years. With a degree in journalism from New York University and a CV that includes newspaper, finance and tech jobs, Kay is well-placed to help you create the kind of high-quality English materials your product deserves. Kay can brainstorm in Danish with you and your colleagues and even translate your thoughts from Danish into smooth, polished English. Her knowledge of English-speaking media markets will help you develop a social media strategy that works for you. Why not book a free intro meeting with Kay today?

Need more information? Read more about KXM Group's native English copywriting and correction services, our English voiceover offerings, and Kay's selection of events and keynote presentations on Denmark and books on Denmark. Or read through Kay Xander Mellish's CV.